About the Cathedral School & Family Association (CSFA)

The object of Cathedral School Family Association is to support the spiritual and educational forces of the Church, Home, and School, in a program of child training in keeping with the doctrines of the Church. While the association does not create policy or craft education programs, its work enhances and develops Cathedral School ventures.

To this end, The Association will endeavor:

  1. To provide a financial environment to support the extraordinary demands of the school.
  2. To offer parents the opportunity to enrich Cathedral School’s educational programs.
  3. To promote a program of united Catholic action in the sphere of primary education.
  4. To provide a symbiotic relationship between parents, teachers, and children.

The CSFA bylaws can be found here.

Here are the most recent meeting minutes: January 2019. If you'd like minutes from previous meetings, or would like to attend or present at a meeting, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any parent or guardian of a child attending Cathedral of the Risen Christ School automatically upon enrollment of a child becomes a General Member of the Association. Faculty and staff of Cathedral are also General Members. For a list of positions and a graphic organizer of the CSFA see below.

Pastor: Monsignor Nemec

Principal: Mr. Jeremy Ekeler

President: Mrs. Katie Lewallen

Vice President: Mrs. Dawn Kjeldgaard

Secretary: Mrs. Claire Steiner

Treasurer: Mrs. Jamie Scholtes

Volunteer Coordinators: Sarah Kauffman & Victoria Young

Auction Coordinator: Easley & Kavan Families

*Appointed Fundraising Coordinator: Mrs. Tera Norris

*Appointed School Representative: Miss Rachel Hanigan

General Membership: All Cathedral School Families