Emergency Procedures

Fire Drills:

  • Fire drills are conducted 10 times each year.
  • The students are given directions for fire drills at the beginning of each school year. They will stay in line, refrain from talking, and walk as quickly as possible from the building. The teacher will stay with the students.
  • Teachers will accompany students from the building, will close doors to their rooms as they leave, and will have a list of their students in their possession.


  • During Severe Weather Week (March) students will practice the drill.
  • If there are signs of severe weather, the office personnel will tune into the weather radio, on either KLIN-1400 or KFOR-1240 and monitor the situation.
  • Tornado Warning:
    • Students and all personnel will go in line quickly and silently to their designated areas.
    • Faculty members will remain with the children.
    • All will be in proper position.
    • Silence will be observed.
  • Bus Procedures: If a tornado comes while students are on the bus, they are instructed to get away from the bus and into a nearby ditch or ravine. Students are to lie down, with their hands over their heads.
  • Playground:Teachers will gather the children and go to their designated areas. If there is not enough time, they will instruct students to go to a ditch area, lie down, and place their hands over their heads.

General Information

Lost and Found:

All articles are placed in a lost and found receptacle. (Check with the office for the exact location.) If lost articles are not claimed within two weeks, they will be donated to a worthy cause.


Students may celebrate their birthday by bringing treats to school. However, the treats are not to include soft drinks or candy. All such celebrations must be approved by the teacher.


  • All visitors should report to the school office upon entering the building.
  • In order that the learning process not be interrupted, it is the policy at Cathedral School that parents not enter the classroom to observe students and teachers unless previously arranged with the principal and teachers. Appointments to discuss questions or concerns are to take place before or after the normal school hours.
  • Non-Cathedral School children may not attend school as visitors without the permission of the principal.


  • The school telephone is a business phone. Permission will be given for student use of the phone for emergencies and legitimate needs.
  • Students and teachers will not be called from their classrooms for telephone calls during school, except in the case of an emergency.

Conduct Expectations

Student & Parent Handbook PDF

Classroom Conduct

Students are expected to adhere to the classroom procedures and policies established by their teachers. Students are to act responsibly regarding their surroundings, belongings, and in creating a productive learning environment. Teachers have established consequences for misbehavior which range from missing recess time to being sent to the front office to meet with the principal. The Cathedral Junior High teachers have a conduct policy which includes a demerit system, detention and referrals to the Principal's Office.

Hallway Conduct:

Students will respect the learning taking place in the various classrooms as they move through the halls of Cathedral School. Failure to do so will result in consequences levied by any teacher, staff member or administrator who finds the student actions distracting and disruptive. Those consequences will be supported by the student's homeroom teacher.

Student Technology Use Policy

Cathedral of the Risen Christ School believes that access to advanced technology can lead to an enhanced learning experience for students. Computers, tablets, Microsoft 365 and internet access are available at Cathedral for student use when deemed useful for instruction. Cathedral’s Student Acceptable Use Policy pertains to expectations and consequences of Cathedral students while using technology. The expectation is that students and families are familiar with this document, and all parties adhere to its contents. This material is also covered during technology/computer class.

Cafeteria Conduct:

Simple rules of courteous behavior make the lunch period pleasant and relaxed. Observance of good table manners. No trading of any food for both hot and cold lunch students. Speak in a moderate tone of voice. Leave the table and surrounding area clean and orderly. Put trash in the proper containers. During lunch, no student is permitted in the classroom to do any type of work unless accompanied by a teacher.

Bullying and Mistreatment of Peers:

Bullying or discrimination of any student by peers will be dealt with swiftly and aggressively. Physical, emotional or cyber-abuse may result in suspension or expulsion.

Bullying is defined as targeted, malicious and prolonged treatment of another individual. Reports of bullying should be reported to a teacher or the principal as soon as they occur so that the school can work as a team to protect the child, levy appropriate consequences on the perpetrator, and work to heal the relationship of all parties.

Cell Phones & Electronics

Unless under the direction and supervision of a staff member, students are not allowed to use mobile devices during school hours. Mobile devices include, but are not limited to phones, iTouch, tablets, iPods and Smart Watches). Students must comply with the provided Acceptable Use Policy provided at the start of each school year.

The use of mobile devices, or any technology, to view inappropriate sexual content may result in suspension or expulsion. The distribution of such material will result in suspension or expulsion. Students and parents who have concerns about text content being shared between students via mobile devices may send or bring evidence (screenshots) of the activity.

In the case of images/pictures, please DO NOT capture using screenshots - this constitutes possession and distribution. Instead come to the school to report these images. Whether reporting text or images, anonymity is protected by the administration.

Families are highly encouraged to use Covenant Eyes as well as the resources provided by our own Fr. Sean Kilcawley.

Cheating & Plagiarism Policy

Students who cheat or plagiarize (use the work of others and claim it as their own) shall receive a 0 on the entire assignment and a parent meeting. Those in junior high will also be immediately given a detention.
A second offense in grades K-5 results in detention, parent meeting, and possibly ISS (in school suspension). A second offense in grades 6-8 shall result in a parent meeting, Student Conduct Action Plan and/or ISS. Third offenses are punishable by suspension or expulsion.

Playground Rules:

  • Students will go outside for recess as often as possible, weather permitting. Parents are asked to see that their children are prepared for outdoor play.
  • All students must remain in the designated playground area in view of the teacher or person supervising during recess.
  • No one may leave the schoolyard or parish premises without permission.
  • If a ball goes out of the designated playground area, students must have permission to get it.
  • Students may not pick up snow, ice, rocks, dirt, etc.
  • No tackling, wrestling, fighting or other rough play is permitted.
  • Only conversations and language proper to a Christian boy or girl are expected.
  • When the whistle ends recess, all playing stops. Students are to line up and enter the building in silence.
  • Playground equipment is provided for the students. Students should not bring toys or games from home without teacher approval.
  • Students are responsible for returning playground equipment to the proper place after each recess.
  • Students are to remain outside unless they have permission to enter the building from the teacher on duty.

A Final Note: Though it is uncommon, the Cathedral administration reserves the right to suspend and expel students for severe issues. Suspensions may be "in-school" or "out-of-school" depending on the nature of the incident(s). Expulsion is rare, but may be used if a student proves unable to meet the expectations of good citizenship at Cathedral School.


Pets are not allowed in the building. Curriculum-related classroom animals are allowed only with the approval of the classroom teacher and the principal.


Textbooks are furnished by the school. It is the responsibility of each student to give proper care to all instructional equipment and supplies. Students are to keep their books covered and clean at all times. A fine will be assessed for loss or damage beyond normal use. If a student loses or destroys a book belonging to Cathedral School, the student is expected to pay for the loss.


Homework assignments should reinforce concepts presented in class and include both written and study work. Homework may be a reinforcement of skills taught, a creative project, a study period for the memorization of facts, or reading for enjoyment and further enrichment. Homework should help students develop good habits of study and a sense of responsibility. Work must be completed neatly and turned in on time to merit a complete grade.

Report Cards:

Report cards are issued four times a year for students in Grades 2-8. Students in Grade 1 receive a progress report for the first quarter. In subsequent quarters a report card is issued. Kindergarten students receive progress reports four times a year.

Dress Code

(Please Contact Mrs. Jennifer Brown for help with used uniforms: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Trousers (Must be Dennis or Dickie's Brand and can be bought by any retailer or through our used uniform program)

  • Khaki or navy twill.
  • Plain black, brown or navy belt must be worn with trousers.

Shorts (Must be uniform-style walking shorts from Dennis or Dickie's Brand)

  • Khaki or navy twill.
  • Plain black, brown or navy belt must be worn with shorts.
  • Shorts cannot be worn during November, December, January and February.

Shirts (All shirts must be plain -- free from logo or insignia other than Cathedral monogram.)

  • Polo: white, navy forest green (long or short sleeves)
  • Turtleneck: white

Sweaters (Optional)

  • Cardigan, V-neck or Crew: navy, or forest green
  • Cathedral sweatshirt (must be worn with uniform shirt)
  • Cathedral fleece (must be worn with uniform shirt)


  • One primary color (white, black or gray) and two accent colors allowed
  • Socks must match; no outlandish patterns


  • No Sandals


  • Religious medals and watches
  • No earrings


Plaid Jumper: (Grades K - 5) (Must be purchased from Dennis Uniform)

  • Jumper length can be no higher than two inches above the knee.
  • Shorts may be worn under uniform.

Plaid Skirt or Approved Skort: (Grades 6 - 8) (Must be purchased from Dennis Uniform)

  • Skirt length can be no higher than two inches above the knee.

Trousers (Must be Dennis Uniform brand or Dickies brand and can be bought through any vendor or our used uniform program)

  • Khaki or navy twill.
  • Plain black, brown or navy belt must be worn with trousers.

Shorts (Must be uniform-style walking shorts from Dennis Uniform)

  • Khaki or navy twill.
  • Plain black, brown or navy belt must be worn with shorts.
  • Shorts cannot be worn during November, December, January and February. See above handbook for guidelines on skirts, jumpers and skorts accompanied by leggings/tights.

Blouses (All shirts must be plain -- free from logo or insignia other than Cathedral monogram.)

  • Collared blouse/oxford: white, light blue (long or short sleeves)
  • Polo: white, navy, forest green (long or short sleeves)
  • Turtleneck: white

Sweaters (optional)

  • Cardigan, V-neck or Crew: navy, or forest green)
  • Cathedral sweatshirt (must be worn with uniform shirt)
  • Cathedral fleece (must be worn with uniform shirt)


  • One primary color (white, black or gray) and two accent colors allowed
  • Socks must match; no outlandish colors


  • No Sandals


  • Post earrings may be worn on the ear lobes only. There may be no more than one pair of earrings per ear.
  • Religious medals and watches

Points to Remember for Girls & Boys

  1. Uniforms should be clean and pressed.
  2. Shirt tails are to be tucked in (banded polos are not to be tucked in, however)
  3. Extremes (as determined by the Principal) in hair styles are not permitted.
  4. All clothing should be marked with the child’s name.
  5. Belts are not required for K-3 students.
  6. Shorts are not allowed from November through February. During this time girls are to wear leggings under skirts, jumpers and skorts (solid white, black, gray, navy blue, or forest green)


Health Records:

The school works under the direction of the Public Health Nurse and the requirements of the Department of Health and Human Services in securing and recording health information. The school maintains cumulative health records, screening results and immunizations for each student. In assessing the health of each student, the school operates the following program:

  1. Secures forms from kindergarten and seventh grade students indicating the results of a medical examination by a physician.
  2. Recommends dental examination yearly.
  3. Does audio screening for students in Kindergarten through eighth grades.
  4. Does vision screening, height and weight screenings for students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.
  5. Minimal recommendation for scoliosis screenings are that girls in grades six and eight are screened and that boys in eighth grade are screened. Also, siblings of known scoliosis patients, students with previously noted deviations, and any student upon parent or school or individual request are to be screened. (Taken from Guidelines for School Health Services for Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department.)


Any student who is required to take medication during the regular school day must comply with school regulations. These include:

  • All medications must be kept in the school office. (This includes aspirin, other over-the-counter medicines and inhalers.)
  • Medication must be brought to school in the original container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician.
  • Written permission from the parent or guardian must accompany the medication, including the student’s name, name of the medication with dosage, frequency, time of administration, date of the order and discontinuation date.


  • First aid administered by office staff includes band-aids, ice packs and antibiotic ointment or first aid spray as deemed necessary. Parents/guardians are asked at the start of each school year to indicate objections to these standard procedures.
  • The Public Health Nurse recommends that students absent due to fever remain out of school 24 hours after their fever is gone.


Liturgical Program

All students will attend Mass each morning at 8:10. Parents, relatives, and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The student body will gather together to pray the Rosary at school once a month. The Junior High prays the Rosary together every Friday afternoon.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation and days of Eucharistic Adoration are available to the students at least once a month during the school year.

Prayer services and special Masses are held for various occasions throughout the school year. Students attend Stations of the Cross on all Fridays during Lent.

Sacramental Program

The documents of the Second Vatican Council speak of the importance and value of parental involvement in the sacramental life of their children. Programs for assisting the parents are arranged by the school.

Dates of meetings are sent to the parents in sufficient time for schedules to be arranged so at least one parent can attend. Parents are expected to actively participate in the sacraments.

Students receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion for the first time in the second grade.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is conferred upon the students in the middle grades at the age determined by the Bishop. Currently, students receive this sacrament in fifth grade.

Lunch Program

A hot lunch program is operated at Cathedral School. Lunches are served in Crowley Hall. Children may purchase lunch tickets for 5, 10, or 20 meals; and milk tickets for 5 or 20 milks. These are available throughout the year at the office. After purchase, all tickets are kept by the homeroom teacher.

Charging of lunch or milk tickets should be done only in emergencies, and may be done for only one day at a time.

The hot lunch program is operated under the Federal Hot Lunch Program and all of its regulations. All families are notified of terms of eligibility for free or reduced lunch costs.

Students choosing to go home for lunch must bring a permission slip from home at the beginning of the year. Students choosing to bring cold lunch may purchase a milk ticket and eat lunch in Crowley Hall. Soft drinks are not permitted at lunch. Also, students may not have food from fast food restaurants brought into the lunchroom.


All students go to the library once a week to select books and study library skills. Books are checked out for a one-week period. Students must pay for lost or damaged books. With teacher permission, students may use the library facilities for research. The library contains research materials, video cassettes, CD-ROMS, computers, a VCR, and a television. These materials are all available for use by students and staff.

Field Trips:

Field trips should contribute to the student’s educational, cultural, and social growth. All students participating in field trips must have written consent of parents. The bus and entrance fees are included in the annual Consolidated Fees. Students shall wear the school uniform on all field trips unless specified otherwise. Teachers may prohibit students from participating in a particular field trip if work is not completed or their behavior warrants such action. Band: The band program is coordinated through Pius X High School. Lessons are offered to students in fifth through eighth grades. Private and/or group lessons are given. Students must provide instruments, but lessons are free through the school. Junior High iPads: Each student and parent will read and sign the following form before any child is allowed to use an iPad in the classroom - click here to open and print


  • Students are considered tardy if they are not in their classrooms by 8:00 a.m.
  • Students who are tardy must report to the office before going to class.


Parents are to notify the office between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. to report each day their child will not attend school. If the school is not notified, a call will be made to their home or place of business to check on the student’s unaccounted absence.

If your child has symptoms of illness, please keep the child home.

When a student enters or leaves school during the day he/she must be signed in/out at the office by a parent or guardian.

No student is allowed to leave the school building or premises during school hours without permission of the principal, and at the written request of the parents.

Work assignments may be obtained for the current calendar day upon advance request, preferably to be picked up at the close of the day. Students are allowed two days for each absence to complete make-up work. Any assignments not given in advance will be given upon the student’s return to school.

Absence Policy:

Tardy - less than one hour late

Half Day Absence - absent between 1-4 hours

Full Day Absence - absent in excess of 4 hours

Parents Out-Of-Town:

When parents leave town, they are to notify the school as to who is responsible for the children during the parents’ absence. Please include the person’s address and phone number in this information.


Vacations are discouraged during the school year and should be planned during scheduled breaks. Instruction time by the teacher is important and cannot be made up. No school work will be planned by teachers prior to a vacation. It is the parents’/students’ responsibility to see that work is made up after returning to school.


It is important to a student’s success at Cathedral of the Risen Christ School that the habit of regular and punctual attendance is formed. Students who are tardy (arrive after 8am) must check in to the main office. Dropping students off at church for morning Mass is not allowed.

On a typical full day, the following policy is in place. Please take these times into consideration when scheduling appointments for children.

1.) Arrival prior to 10am is considered tardy.

2.) Arrival after 10am is considered a half-day absence.

3.) Departure prior to 1:20pm is considered a half-day absence.

4.) Departure after 1:20pm is considered a full day of attendance.

To report a tardy or absent student, please do so by 8am by calling Mrs. Becky Mroz at 489.9621.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

School Cancellation

When the Lincoln Public Schools close because of inclement weather (not including heat), the Lincoln Catholic Schools will also close. Cancellations will be announced on KFOR (1240 AM) and KLIN (1400 AM) radio stations. KOLN/KGIN-TV (Channels 10/11) will broadcast school closings at 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Cathedral School will also announce via text and voicemail through our SchoolReach mass communication system. If you'd like to join the mass texting message service, please text the letter Y to 68453

Generally, school will not be dismissed once it is in session. However, parents or guardians who so desire may come to school to pick up their children in inclement weather at anytime during the day after informing the school office.

Early Drop Off Program

Cathedral offers two early drop off programs for families who find it necessary to bring their child to campus early.

  • Holy Family Child Care: Open to children from 3 to 12 years of age. Drop off opens at 7am at the Holy Family facility (back side of gym). Please contact the facility at 402.488.3364 for pricing.
  • Cathedral Early Drop: This program is run inside Cathedral School and three types of students are eligible: A.) Cathedral students older than 12, B.) Altar boys who serve early Mass, C.) Children from families with special financial circumstances.
    There are five rules students must abide to be allowed in this program...
    1.) Students must enter through Door 6 (gym doors) between 7:30am and 7:40am. Doors close at 7:40am and students who are late must wait outside.
    2.) Students must check in with the teacher on duty.
    3.) Students must commit to work on school work either in the gym or the computer lab. They are NOT allowed to travel between the two.
    4.) Students may not enter teacher classrooms unless invited.
    5.) Disruptive students who cannot work quietly will be asked to leave the program.
    To see if you're eligible for this program please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject "Early Drop Off". You may also call the school at 402.489.9621.

Daily Schedule

School will let out early prior to many holidays, and often on select Tuesdays for teacher collaboration.

Please note the procedures for child drop-off and pick up.

Mass will be held daily - families are welcome to join us, and students may sit with family upon receiving permission from their homeroom teacher.

Below is a typical school day schedule. Remember that grades kindergarten through 3rd release five minutes prior to all posted dismissal times.

7:55  First Bell - School doors opened for students 
 8:00 Tardy Bell - Students must be in classrooms 
8:05  Students dismissed for Mass 
8:10  Mass 
10:55 Grades K-1 Lunch
11:25 Grades 2-3 Lunch
12:00 Grades 4-5 Lunch
12:25 Grades 6 - JH Lunch
3:20 Dismissal (3:15pm for grades K through 3)

Nondiscrimination Policy

The Cathedral of the Risen Christ School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origins to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.