CRC Unveils Scholarship Moment

Quick Facts
Tuition Rates
  • $1050 for one in-parish student
  • $2100 for two in-parish students
  • $2600 cap for in-parish families
  • $1400 per out-of-parish student (no family cap)
  • $2700 per non-Catholic and non-parish student (no family cap)
  • $25 Diocesan assessment fee (per child)
Average cost of school supplies is $75 per student, and roughly $150 for uniforms.
You may fund your scholarship on a monthly ACH plan.

Ceciliana Villa First Day

Cathedral of the Risen Christ school is excited to announce the 2nd Annual "The Scholarship Moment". This highly successful program has increased to $13,000 in pledged scholarship dollars in 2017.

Principal Jeremy Ekeler said, "The hope is to build this program into at least 12 full tuition scholarships that will support Cathedral families in need, and perhaps also allow us to reach into the Lincoln community and make a Catholic education a reality for a family who may not otherwise have had the means."

Ekeler added, "We hope to be a leader in this venture, and create a powerful program that our Eagle families are proud of. There is a place for everyone in this program, and we hope folks take advantage."

The Cathedral Administration sees three roles for Cathedral families...

1.) Family in Need: These scholarships have specific requirements, and do not preclude you from the annual Dillon Foundation Scholarship.

2.) Family who Funds: Are you proud of your Cathedral journey? Do you want to model stewardship to your children? Were you in a rough patch when someone came to your aid? Do you sense that it’s time to pay it forward? Pleae set up a 30-60 minute meeting to launch a scholarship in memorial, for your family, or anonymously.

3.) Family who Helps: The typical story in area shelters is that a family just like yours hit a rough patch and didn’t have a safety net, nor access to credit. This story is one you can change. Please consider a donation to the Cathedral Family Scholarship program. Could be $10, could be more. All contributions are given to the Friends of Cathedral Foundation. The goal: collect enough donations from folks like you to create a tuition fund that will support one or more Cathedral families in need.