CRC Dignity Day is 1/22/18

Roe v Wade Day BlackThe Cathedral of the Risen Christ School will be celebrating its Third Annual Dignity Day on January 22, 2018 with a theme of "Speak Up For Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves." The day's events coincide with the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, and Cathedral students and staff will focus on the right to life.

Here is a list of events; we welcome all community members to join us on this impactful day, which is coordinated and directed by our student leadership group, The Dignity Ambassadors...

  • Students in “A” classes may wear jeans with a black or gray shirt for $1.00 (represent mourning for the aborted). Students in “B” classes may wear jeans with a white shirt for $1.00 to represent the purity and hope of life. This is a Yellow Dress Code Day. Money raised is donated to Nebraska Right to Life.
  • At the conclusion of Mass Dignity Ambassador Bree Korta will give a short talk, and then lead us in a prayer.
  • School Assembly 9:15-10am: Fr. Ryan Kaup and Fr. Tim Danek share their adoption stories, as well as how God blessed them with mothers who chose not to abort…at the last moment.
  • Grades K through 2nd are asked to offer a special prayer for babies.
  • Grades 3-5 are asked to offer a Divine Mercy Chaplet for the unborn.
  • Grades 6-8 are asked to sacrifice recess by doing a walking Rosary.
  • Every CRC student and staff member will be given a black cross. They should write a few words on the cross - perhaps the name of a sibling now in heaven, or a prayer related to the Pro-Life message. Each cross represents ten babies killed every day (3500 abortions occur daily).
  • Dignity Ambassadors will come to classrooms at 3pm to line crosses down the hallway. At 3:05pm, a special schoolwide prayer will be lead by Superintendent Monsignor Perkinton over the PA. Students should kneel behind their crosses, lining the main hallway, as we pray.
  • Junior High Eagle Encounter 1/23/18 @ 2:30pm in Benedictine Hall: The Politics and Realities of the Pro Life Movement with Mrs. Sandy Danek

The Dignity Campaign was launched in 2015, with a special focus on treating each other in a Christ-like manner. Each month the school has a special "soft skill" focus (random acts of kindness, please & thank you, shaking hands, etc.), and teachers seamlessly bring the D.C. into their curriculum across all the subjects. Said 8th grade teacher Mrs. Wiebusch, "The amazing thing about the Dignity Campaign is that it is so easily implemented - it's what we are all called to do as children of Christ. The campaign has made us more aware and direct in making those lessons practical."

Posters with the Dignity Pledge are signed annually by all students and staff in the building as a sort of contract to each other. The Dignity Pledge reads as follows, and is reaffirmed each morning...

  • Be respectful
  • Be positive
  • Be honest
  • Be grateful
  • Be responsible
  • Be patient
  • Be saintly
  • Recognize the dignity of all human beings
  • See Christ in others
  • Be like Christ to others

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