This Month's SOAR Award!

The Cathedral Eagle S.O.A.R. Award is our monthly honor for a student who displays...

Saintly Character
A+ Attitude

We consider this our school’s highest honor because this award is about the student: Students nominate fellow students they feel live up to the definition of what it means to be an eagle.

SOAR LoganOn December 11, 2017 Cathedral recognized Logan Hatchell with its SOAR Award. Logan is a 2nd grade student at Cathedral who has bravely lived with Cerebral Palsy since birth. Logan underwent a radical surgery in the fall that would help him overcome the effects of his CP, and he tackled both the surgery (done in St. Louis) and the physical therapy with incredible resilience, drive, and joy.

Principal Jeremy Ekeler said, "None of us here today will likely ever go through the pain and work Logan has endured the first eight years of his life. Logan, our entire school nominated you because we’ve been inspired by your joy, faith and humility as you battled cerebral palsy and this intense surgery. We took joy in your joy, inspiration from your faith, and heart in your incredible effort. Today we celebrate you, but please know that from this day forward we also walk with you on your journey to recovery. I can’t wait to see you out on the soccer pitch scoring goals!"

Logan's brother, Gabe, also took the mic to discuss Logan's smile, great attitude and how he "is always there when I'm bored."

Krista, Logan's sister, talked about how Logan's energy, smile and love shone through even in the hardest moments.

Logan Hatchell is Cathedral's 19th SOAR honoree.

SOAR Award Honorees:

Logan Hatchell - 2nd Grade (December 2017)

Kolbe Villa - 8th Grade (May 2017)

Delaney Volnek - 8th Grade (April 2017)

Alec Goodwin - 8th Grade (March 2017)

Marissa Kuehn - 8th Grade (October 2016)

Austin Reinke - 8th Grade (September 2016)

Nate Jeffery - 8th Grade (April 2016)

Sarah Lang - 5th Grade (January 2016)

Hazel Wilmott - 1st Grade (December 2015)

Jackson Steffen - 8th Grade (November 2015)

Hannah Reinke - 5th Grade (October 2015)

Aaron Vrbka - 8th Grade (September 2015)

Eighth Grade Girls - 8th Grade (May 2015)

Addie Korensky - 5th Grade (April 2015)

Claire Weber - 4th Grade (March 2015)

Maddox Stuertz - 1st Grade (February 2015)

Khoi Le - 1st Grade (Catholic Schools Week 2015)

David Korinek - 3rd Grade (January 2015)

Peter Cuddy - 8th Grade (December 2015)