"Give" Arrives at CRC

CRC Social 1Hello Cathedral Family,

A small request before you read on: please click on this link, give it a look, and then keep reading...

Over the course of the last few months I've been working with NelNet's ClassBundl group as an advisor. One of the developing projects has been the creation of an online platform for private schools to run fundraising campaigns. LPS and major government school districts have similar technology, but most private schools don't have the resources to do this on a school-by-school basis.

The answer: This private school platform by ClassBundl, called "Give".

Give allows for matching campaigns, and it does have a fee structure which can be circumvented by the matching partner(s) so that the school sees the biggest possible return

Scott Gubbels, who helped launch the technology, sits on the school board at St. Joe's and helped run a successful pilot campaign there. Our own Nathan Rivera, who works at Fiserv, helped work out the technology to connect Cathedral with Give.

So now CRC gets their shot!

Big picture, I envision ClassBundl in three capacities at CRC...

  1. Micro Campaigns like Ashley's in which a teacher has a need, does the leg work, and launches a campaign.
  2. A convenient supplement to the work the CSFA is already doing with fundraising. For example, allowing folks to donate for Christmas bonuses through Give. I'm sure you'll have ideas as well.
  3. Connecting with Give to Lincoln Day, which is an event we are remiss not to be involved with.

Thank you as always for your generosity in support of our amazing school, and please consider supporting this kindergarten campaign.

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