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Principal Ekeler
January 21 ,2019
I haven’t talked much about this, with any of you. Actually, I haven’t talked about this much with myself until recently.I hope that previous sentence makes more sense as you read on.My college years were very difficult. I faced some unfortunate circumstances, a load of loss, and a lot of darkness. Though I was born and Baptized into a Catholic family, my Faith was episodic at best during this dark time.From 1999-2002 I experienced the loss of my three surviving grandparents, the divorce of my parents, the sudden death of an amazing friend, cancer’s long march to death for a mentor, my father’s moving away from our family, the devastating loss of an important relationship, and other difficult blows. Drugs, alcohol, and addiction wrecked the lives of many people in my circle, and took the life of two. I’m already dipping my toe into the T.M.I. puddle, so I’ll move on with the effect of these causes: I was angry, violent, prone to using people, unable to accept love, and generally misgui...
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