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Principal Ekeler
October 03 ,2014
The good news: we are proud and overwhelmed by the number of conferences already scheduled.The bad news: Parents, showing up to conferences is not enough.Let me explain...Conferences are not about the teacher talking at the parent. They're not a report from the nervous educator behind his/her desk to the squinting/nodding/grimacing parent on the other side. And they're certainly not only about a letter or percentage on a sheet of paper.That's not a conference; that's an accounting, a one-way transaction.A true conference is a microcosm of something much more powerful: the collaboration of adult forces on behalf of the best interest of a child. In other words, it's a give-and-take based on a relationship of mutual care and concern for a child.Every bit of research - whether another predictable graduate study, or the groundbreaking The Nurture Assumption by Dr. Judith Rich Harris - verifies that adult involvement and concern in student learning has a positive correlation to student succe...
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