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Principal Ekeler
May 16 ,2019
Every teacher, staff member, parent and ESPECIALLY student should be proud of what they’ll see in the following information. Every March I excitedly await our Iowa Basics Testing results not because I put an overwhelming degree of importance on the scores (after all, we form the entire child here), and not because I feel these scores define who we are as a school.I get amped about our scores because I believe they validate a process that is Christ-centered, family-focused and community based: we soar together, for our children.And so I’m excited to unveil this explanation of our data in the following list format:Those Who Need Us MostSince 2015, our number of CRC kiddos who score in the bottom quartile of  the country has diminished (from 17% to 15% to 14% to 12%). In 2019, however, the needle jumped dramatically: Due to our WINGS Team, differentiation in classrooms, and a commitment to meet kids where they are, that number is now at 5%. In short, the kids who need us most are get...
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