CurriculumCathedral of the Risen Christ School is partners with the Cathedral Parish. The school is dedicated to creating curriculum that is both rigorous and vigorous. With a firm foundation in the formation of young Catholics, the school complies with all Nebraska Department of Education mandates. Furthermore, Cathedral exceeds state standards by following the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln's curriculum guidelines. Teachers at Cathedral actively pursue professional development, as well as speak at inservices.

For more details, please read our Strategic Curriculum Plan.

Outside of the homeroom experience, students are also immersed in specialty areas...

  • Religion: Not a true "specialty" area, students are immersed in the Catholic Faith nearly every moment of their day. This is supplemented through numerous programs, as well as the classroom visits of our Cathedral religious.

  • Reading Resource: The Reading Resource teacher and classroom act as the home base for students with special needs. Students who are eligible for services from Lincoln Public Schools will be served "in house" as LPS comes to Cathedral frequently. The Reading Resource teacher acts as both the primary individual and small-group instructor for students who struggle with reading, and also is the Cathedral liaison to LPS.

  • Music: Besides the mandated music classes, students may also take part in numerous choir and band options. These programs support Cathedral and diocesan liturgy and students also perform outside of the diocese. Holiday music programs are also held. Cathedral also hosts one of the Midwest's only dedicated chant programs.

    Band students also have performance opportunities, and work in both small-group and class-size practice sessions with an instructor who works across the diocese and at Pius X High School.

  • Art: The art program at Cathedral is directed by two art teachers: one for grades K-3 and one for grades 4-8. Student artwork is prominent throughout Cathedral school, and is also showcased at the annual school auction and in their own student art show.

  • Technology: Cathedral hosts a computer lab and fulltime technology teacher. A foundation of the technology work at Cathedral is responsible internet usage, and students and teachers all pledge to abide by the diocesan Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Students as young as Kindergarten experience technology, and topics include website building, video editing, keyboarding, working with word processing, being responsible with social media and much more.

  • Physical EducationPhysical Education is run by the Athletic Director and involves grade-appropriate lessons. Younger grades are taught the importance of fitness and nutrition, as well as learn to play in a cooperative and fun environment based on development of motor skills. Older students are put through thematic studies of games and sports as it relates to both techniques and tactics. Students also take part in a study of sport's impact on culture. Students take part in fitness testing as they build a life-long appreciation for fitness.

  • Junior Achievement: Cathedral is a 100% committed JA School, including a revolutionary capstone project that connects potential future entrepeneurs with some of the area's best business leaders. This dynamic and project-based curriculum culminates in junior high, where students create their own business plans, market their ideas, hire "employees", run their businesses and work with area entrepeneurs, professors and politicians for a final display in a "shark tank" setting. In 2015 Cathedral was recognized by Junior Achievement as a Superstar School, and the junior high capstone project was recognized with the Bronze Leadership Award.

Cathedral is supported by a significant and generous technology grant, which operates through the Diocesan Technology Office.

Curriculum: Grades K-8Resources
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Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion Catholic Diocese - Grade School Curriculum
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History of Cathedral

A Foundation of Tradition, a Dynamic Future

cathedral-schoolIn August 1953, 104 students formed the first classes at the Holy Family School. With no specific school building, they met at the Saint Thomas Orphanage for the first year. The original school building was built in September, 1954. The student body almost doubled to 205 children in grades K-8 who studied with the Benedictine Sisters from Yankton, SD.

When the Cathedral was built in 1965, Holy Family School became Cathedral of the Risen Christ School. Since this time the school has increased in size twice by additional construction. Today's student body has doubled again to 350 students in grades PK through 8th.

Liturgy plays a central role for each student and staff members at Cathedral. Daily attendance at Mass, with students participating in preparation, reading, petitions, and offertory places the Mass in first priority. Students and staff also have monthly Confession, Exposition and Benediction services scheduled. Core subjects of religion, math, science, social studies, reading, and literature are taught on a daily basis, with new, updated materials always available.

Cathedral's mascot is the Eagle, and the building supports multiple clubs and organizations while also funding athletics for girls and boys.

Cathedral school has initiated other programs to provide services to the community. A preschool program began in 1991 to provide classes for children from ages three through five. In 1992, the Extended Daycare Program was opened. This program provides before and after school care for students attending Cathedral. In 1996, the Cathedral Holy Family Care Center was created. This center provides year-round, all-day care for children from ages 3 years through sixth grade. All three of these programs are housed in the Holy Family Child Care Center.

Today Cathedral is one of the most progressive and safe users of social media, where it is used to promote children's work and the school's story (@CathedralEagle as well as Facebook). The school also has a fully stocked library and media center, computer lab, and is on the cutting edge of internet safety through its work with the diocesan's connection to Covenant Eyes.