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Principal Ekeler
April 01 ,2018
In the coming 18 months Cathedral School will leverage its momentum to grow in three distinct and necessary ways. Before detailing, I want to give you options:See the below chart for a condensed look at the work in front of us.Read below the chart for a full “drill-down”.Do both!OK, so here’s the plan. The good news is that it’s two parts information and only one part “ask”. VentureWhy?HowEagle Science CenterFundraising Goal: $55,000Completion Target: August of 2018CRC now tests at 65th percentile in science nationally, a jump of nearly 10% in just two years, using almost no resources and science equipment that is outdated and limiting.By funding this much needed renovation, students in all grade levels will have the opportunity to increase their STEM experience and understanding. Our teachers have done their part to prepare Eagles for the world of STEM – now it’s our turn.Funds raised at Trunk or Treat and our annual Auction have been earmarked to assist funding.We are targeting ...
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