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Principal Ekeler
April 30 ,2017
Before getting into the meat of this message I want to thank and congratulate Leighann Lang and Rita Rolfes for taking their vision and making it the wonderful reality that was Spring Fling. Their initial work began months ago, which explains why the First Annual Spring Fling felt like an established event. I believe the Spring Fling dovetailed beautifully with a very special Parish Appreciation Mass. When you see anyone who took part in either event please thank them wholeheartedly for the impact of their work. And if you are unsure of the impression this day left, consider this comment from a young student as he waited to play a game: “Well, Spring Fling is officially the best day of my life!” During April 30th's Mass and festivities I was struck by something that tied into reading I’ve been doing. For the past year I’ve been studying George Washington, and have come to the conclusion that the most powerful moment in his fierce and proud history (and maybe our country’s) was his ge...
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