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Principal Ekeler
April 07 ,2019
Since taking the job at Cathedral in 2014 I have had concerns about the safety of our students (and others) using the intersection of 37th Street and Sheridan Boulevard before and after school. Thanks to Elizabeth Shea-McCoy, Rick Haden, Southeast High School Administration, Officer Jake Dilsaver and others, I am happy to announce that we have made real progress. We have created a plan to help keeps kids and parents safer at drop off and pick up.Some historyA couple years ago Southeast High School moved their starting and dismissal times five minutes to reduce conflicts between their school traffic and ours. Next, the Lincoln Police Department began monitoring driver behavior at the intersection. These things helped, but it became clear last October that more was necessary. And so, a group of parents, grandparents, a Lincoln Police Officer, two representatives of the Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Department, the Southeast High School Principal, and I met on November 9 for a...
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