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Principal Ekeler
August 15 ,2016
It's that time of year - Back to School! To some that exclamation point is a slap in the face (many students). To others (most parents) I should've added three or four more. Regardless of where your opinion lies, one truth is clear: establishing a system is vital for a happy home, successful child, and sane parenting. Nobody likes disarray, outbursts, tantrums or consistent inconsistency...yet the honest truth is that we get back what we invest in. In other words, we as adults are in control of this fate. Let me explain... The routines you put in place now will be of HUGE benefit in February, March and beyond. There is an investment effect: the more you put in now, the more the benefits compound. The keys are to come to shared ground between child(ren) and parent regarding what a day typically looks like, and then sticking to that plan. It's the "sticking" that is often most difficult because, much like investing, it's hard to watch something that moves slowly. Also, your child wo...
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